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Deer droppings
10/8 • Rt 160, north of carlyle lake, 2 deer hit, 3 seen in fields

(Ed:) I've been getting a lot of requests for DEER droppings (not feces nor spottings) so we can identify where you should be most careful (and where the hunters might want to look). Send me the locations where you are seeing the most deer, dropped or alive and I will post a count by town and route. Info runs to dec 1 only, then the Santa countdown & sightings begin!

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There are always plenty of hoops to jump through before the show begins.... )
Does anyone know why is a Clinton County wedding is so rushed? Maybe it's becuase the divorce party will be remembered long after and be louder!
What did the one crypt say to the other crpyt?? answer
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Early sisemic reports indicate Santa is awaking from his slumber and starting to gather his list! Santa is spending more time making scratch cards for online game time now, so no worries! Another PRIME example of the times, but do try to spend locally where you can, santa dont keep the lights on.
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